How ‘Green’ is Your Sportsgrass or Lawn?

Grass surfaces and lawns were very well maintained and naturally supported from the soils they grew in long before the unnecessary over reliance of artificial products

Some points to consider:

  • If Mowing frequently with a sharpened well maintained mower, you should not need to collect grass clippings thereby returning nutrients naturally to your surface and a food source for soil microbes which should not have negative impacts for drainage.
  • Over reliance on chemical synthetic fertilisers impacts natural flora and fauna, biodiversity and birdlife, destroys natural soil microbes in your soils that your grass depends on.
  • Overuse of these fertilisers eventually depletes these natural soil microbes removing that natural resource from your environment and over reliance on purchased artificial products.
  • In dry summers becomes an over reliance on irrigation
  • Over use and reliance on pesticides and synthetic fertiliser destroy earthworms
  • Use organic fertilisers to feed your soil which in turn will feed the grass and increase carbon storage and sustainability in your surfaces and lawns.

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