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We Cater for both Projects of Natural Grass and Artificial Surfaces in Golf, Football (GAA Rugby Soccer), Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and Horseracing tracks.

Step by step for a successful project

Site Investigation

Site investigation to understand and realise all the issues involved. A thorough inspection of the site or surface, including laboratory tests maybe part of the process.

When the Investigation has produced results, a feasibility study can then be produced to present the findings. The report will contain an identification of the problem, recommend the solution and outline potential costs involved.

The Solution

A design and specification in providing a solution. A detailed specification and a bill of quantities are produced. Each design is tailored to suit individual clients and fulfil minimum Quality performance standards required by the club or client.

Implementing a Practical Solution

This includes sourcing a suitable and credible contractor. Supervision of the solution is crucial to ensure what is prescribed actually happens. This includes quality control of materials, sequence of operations, design interpretation, and project sign-off.


It is essential a plan is put forward to provide sustainability by how the surface is maintained and prepared. Supports for the club and client by providing all the necessary information for a client to optimise their playing surfaces;

  • schedule of operations
  • working practices
  • material specifications
  • equipment recommendations

Sportsturf Surface Design Natural Grass and Artificial Surfaces

Gaelic Games, Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Athletics Tracks, Cricket Squares, Tennis Courts Bowls, Horse Racing.

Modern sports is more competitive as ever, and to stay competitive and brush shoulders with the best in the world you need to have the best sports infrastructure in the country and maintain it. Ireland is no stranger to competitive sports, but to maintain the edge you also need to get skilled manpower that are adept at designing and maintaining various kinds of sports turfs.

Designing a synthetic turf includes surface testing and monitoring, soil testing and analysis as well as pitch problem and pitch maintenance.

Surface Testing & Nonitoring for Synthetics Surfaces
  • Ball Roll: To ensure that the carpet pile permits the ball to roll a prescribed distance without undue deviation from a straight line.
  • Ball Rebound: To ensure consistent bounce of a ball dropped from a fixed height.
  • Impact response: The peak force is measured on the surface.
  • Pitch Dimensions, Run-offs and Markings: This is based on the sport standard been applied for. Pile/Pad deformation ?Based on compacted pile the peak force is measured(unfilled surface only).
  • Pitch Permeability: Drainage ensures that in the heaviest of rainfalls, the combination of pitch surface plus shock pad (elastic layer) is capable of allowing a given amount of water to drain vertically through it.
  • Infill level: This Is calculated though mean sampling over 5 spot locations.
  • Pitch Smoothness Evenness: This is the maximum deviation above or below a straight edge.
  • Pitch slope: This is based on the longitudinal and lateral fall of the pitch.
  • Surface colour: This is compared to recommend manufactures chart.
  • Surface gloss: This must be sufficient to avoid glare measured when wet.
Reasons for Soil Testing


  • Accurate information on what, if any, nutrients your soil is lacking. Not just the macro nutrients that many people are familiar with like N, P and K, (Nitrogen Phosphorus & Pottasium) but other important macro and micro nutrients like zinc and boron.
  • A pH reading, which is important because some nutrients aren’t available at certain pH levels.

  • Saving you money. If you find out you don’t need any fertiliser, you won’t be applying unnecessary nutrients that cost money.

  • An environmentally responsible practice. Over-applied nutrients don’t stay on site and will move toward ground and surface water, like lakes, rivers and streams. This causes a host of issues, from excess weed growth to algae blooms, and can be dangerous to human health.

  • Topdressing and Drainage materials Soil Test for choosing the correct Topdressing and Drainage materials which is crucial for the longterm benefits to ensure your playing surface remains playable all year round.
Soil Nutritional Analysis

Soil pH, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and a full Soil Nutrient levels

  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Soil salinity analysis
  • Leaf analysis
  • Testing of irrigation water.
Soil Physical Analysis
  • Particle size, distribution of soils, sands and gravels,
  • Tests for the hydraulic conductivity and porosity characteristics of rootzone mixes, and binding strength tests for cricket soils.
Biology & Pathology Services Including
  • Identification of turfgrass diseases, pests, weeds and mosses

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