Mower Safety Training March 6th/7th 13th/14th Dublin

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Mower Safety Training March 6th/7th 13th/14th Dublin

Apply appropriate Health and Safety procedures that comply with the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

List and know the tools and equipment required for Horticulture work for Grounds maintenance

Describe soil and weather and how it affects the safe use of tools and equipment

Describe and understand the daily and weekly maintenance and storage of mowers and tools

Carry out pre-start checks operational use and after care procedures on tools and equipment

Mow and maintain an area of ground suitable for the mowing equipment

Recognise hazards on using mowers and assess the level of risk.

Demonstrate sound communication practices whilst operating Horticulture tools and equipment

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Overseas Internships available to suitable candidates to USA Australia and New Zealand

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