Galway City Pitch Maintenance Training Course Nov 15th 21st 22nd

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Learning Outcomes for Sports Surface Maintenance Training.

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1 Explain the features of water based, sand dressed, sand filled
and rubber filled synthetic surfaces
2 Describe how season, weather and soil conditions affect the type
and frequency of maintenance operations
3 Make markings on sports surfaces appropriate for a range of
sporting events
4 Set out sports equipment appropriate for the rules of the sport
and the standard of the event
5 Prepare playing surfaces so that they meet the quality and
appearance requirements of each sport and event
6 Prepare sports surfaces, including selection and maintenance of
appropriate equipment, by using a range of the following
– mowing
– irrigating
– scarifying
– verticutting
– rolling
– top dressing
– brushing
– switching
– aerating
– edging
– feeding
7 Use a range of renovation and repair methods safely and
correctly including the following:
– Over-seeding
– Patching or plugging
– Forking up
– Divoting
8 Use equipment safely and in compliance with manufacturers
9 Operate appropriate safety procedures to create and maintain a
safe working environment including safety standards regarding
lifting, carrying and handling plants, tools, and equipment.


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