Establishment of Turfgrass Training Course Dublin – April 11th 18th & 25th

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Learn how to repair and seed new turfgrass heavily worn areas – Goalmouths, Par 3 Golf tee boxes……..

Interested candidates wishing to enroll in this course please email us on

Learners will be able to:
1 State the major factors affecting soil suitability for establishing turfgrass to include soil composition, nutrient availability, water holding capacity, drainage, organic matter content and compaction
2 Establish an area of turfgrass by seed sowing at a stated rate and density
3 Establish an area of turfgrass by using sods
4 Operate a range of turfgrass machinery to include four-stroke petrol rotary and cylinder mowers, hollow tiner and scarifier to ensure minimun overlap
5 Apply fertiliser with a fertiliser spreader to include setting the spreader to apply a given rate of fertiliser
6 Use a strimmer or edging shears to edge an area of turfgrass
7 Apply herbicide and pesticide to an area of turfgrass
8 Water turfgrass using a range of methods to include monitoring irrigation and drainage where appropriate
9 Identify problems in an area of established turfgrass to include:
– weeds
– worm casts
– colour
– smoothness and density of sward
– pests and diseases
10 Operate within appropriate safety procedures to create and maintain a safe working environment including safety standards regarding lifting, carrying and handling plants, tools and equipment.

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