Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Services


We provide a complete range of structural & civil engineering services for Leisure Sports and Amenity complexes and clubhouses. These services are presented below.

  • Structural surveys

The survey records all visible structural defects, to alert clients to problems present in the property. All of our structural surveys come with a list of recommendations to put right any recorded defects.

  • Structural inspection & reporting

We have the expertise to investigate and research any potential difficulties with structures or buildings and to recommend the most appropriate remedial actions.

  • Site evaluation surveys

We can evaluate sites to determine a site’s suitability for a proposed development. Our evaluations look at many different aspects of the site, from ground suitability to flood risk. We even evaluate sites with existing buildings or construction works to determine the site's suitability for proposed additional development.

  • Planning permission applications

We provide planning permission services for all types of developments.

  • Project Management

A complete project management and supervision service is provided. We assist clients in the selection of designers and contractors. We undertake site inspections to monitor construction works. We certify contractor payments at the inspection stages of the construction project. We issue a certificate of compliance with the Building Regulations after project completion.





Civil engineering services :

  • Design & remediation of Roadways & Carparks
  • Design of Retaining wall structures & Slope stability 
  • Drainage consultancy services for new and existing developments
  • Consultancy services for septic tank and alternative wastewater treatment systems to enable households to comply with the Water Services Amendment Act
  • Development of flood risk assessments
  • Planning permission applications for civil engineering projects
  • Necessary drainage expertise to aid planning permission applications, and to satisfy planning permission decisions.

Septic tank and alternative onsite waste water treatment systems.

Our services include:

  1.   Providing septic tank and alternative onsite wastewater treatment system remediation services to aid compliance with the Water Services Amendment Act or planning permission conditions.
  2.   Providing septic tank and alternative onsite wastewater treatment system design services for new and exisiting buildings planning to upgrade their existing system.

Problem Solving with Poor Installations

 We have investigated and solved many problem playing surfaces for clients who havent spent hard earned money to be squandered by poor workmanship of installers. With our advice this can be avoided. 


Poor Installation standards


New Projects

The Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces are ready and waiting to manage your new project, to restore your problem areas of your sport surface, to advise on the do's and donts on managing your playing surface.

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