Football Pitch Linemarking – Are your Corners squared off? Are you marking straight lines? Are you using safe linemarking paint?

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Whilst pitches are currently out of play here are some helpful tips to check your pitch marking to ensure they are in regulation for your sport (Gaelic games Soccer Rugby).

Check each pitch corner by doing the following Simple exercise while your club pitch is out of action.

At each corner extend a taut line from A to X 30 metres and from A to Y 40 metres.
The distance from Y to X must be 50 metres.

Some problems can occur with existing pitches when goalposts have not been installed or aligned each other or when the pitch surface levels of the pitch are very bumpy and unlevel.

Complete a short trial on your own each pitch corner as shown below 3metres by 4 metres and the difference between them must be 5 metres….

Use a tightened pegged string line

Practice marking straight lines by using a tightened pegged string line to avoid these type wobbly lines

Wobbly lines!

Safe Linemarking paint

It is recommended to use modern purpose prepared marking fluids as these are the safest available and last for a good time. The use of Lime, herbicides creosote are NOT legal or safe products to use (under the Safety and health at welfare at work act 2005) for the purpose of pitch linemarking and may pose health risks to the Grounds staff, players and to the environment.

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